Software Solutions

Using the right software may help you become more productive at your business, more creative at your designs or just having an incredible multimedia experience. We offer a range of software from word processing to security software to help protect your IT environment.

We are also part of the Microsoft CSP partner program, and therefore are able to supply you with genuine Microsoft solutions as well as provide in-depth technical support, backed by Microsoft.


Operating Systems

Having one the latest operating systems installed will make sure you keep up with the latest trends in operating systems and application compatibility. At TechStudio we supply a wide variety of operating systems – whether it is for your server environment, workstations or home computers.

Productivity Suites

By providing you with the right software packages for your business, you will save time and money on unwanted software applications you might not even use. Making use of Microsoft Office, there is a package for every requirement. At TechStudio, we implement Office solutions for any size business – big or small. Make use of popular applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook to increase your business productivity.

Security and Anti-Virus software

One type of software you can never go without is definitely anti-virus / anti-malware software. We do extensive research on what is the best anti-virus solutions to have installed, so we are confident in providing you with the best protection software for your IT environment. Data encryption solutions are also available at TechStudio to further increase the security of your important information.

We are against software piracy!

Please take note that TechStudio only supply & supports original and/or licensed software and are fully against software piracy!

Need the latest software to give your business a boost? Contact us today for more information on our software products.