What is Online Presence Management?

It is the process of presenting and drawing traffic to a personal or professional brand online. This process combines web design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and other avenues to create a long-term positive presence for your business on the web in general.

Your Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is a primary goal of the corporate communications, for the purpose to maintain and build the identity to accord with and facilitate the corporate business objectives.

Stand out above the rest

With a proper managed online presence, you will stand out above your competitors by having your own website, social media presence, personalized email accounts and a lot more!

Be social about it

Connect with current and potential customers on social media to reach a bigger audience for your business. TechStudio will provide the expertise to boost your social media presence to help your business reach new heights.

Creative, yet professional websites

Your company website is the face of your business in an online world. At TechStudio we only design & develop premium-quality websites with the professional look which your business need to provide your potential customers with the information to seal the deal.

Integrate with Office 365 Business packages

Become the ultimate business and integrate Microsoft Office 365 Business packages with your domain. With tons of online features, productivity will drastically increase within your organization.

Don't know if your new domain name is available?

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Online Presence Management plans from TechStudio

We have put together Online Presence Management plan options for you to put your business out there.

PLEASE NOTE: We only develop websites hosted on TechStudio Hosting Provider Servers.

We do NOT develop or support websites hosted on non-TechStudio provider servers like, AfriHost, Mweb, Vox, Hetzner, etc. If your domain is not hosted by TechStudio, we can arrange for the transfer to our servers. We make use of specific software packages which we found to become unstable on non-TechStudio hosting servers.

Social Media Management

from: R 500per month (x12)

  • Management of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts
  • Integration of Social accounts with services
  • Email mailing lists & templates
  • Customer Insights reporting (monthly)
  • 3x weekly postings on social accounts
  • High-quality royalty free stock media
  • Setup of paid advertising*
  • *Paid advertising funds used billed separately.

Premium Website + Hosting

from: R 895per month (x12)

  • Priority Domain¬† & Website Support
  • Shared Hosting
  • .co.za Domain Name
  • 5x Email Accounts
  • 10GB Online Disk Space
  • Premium Dynamic Website
  • HTTPS / SSL implementation
  • Premium high-quality stock images
  • Regular Security updates & patches
  • 5x change requests per month on website
  • Monthly backup of Website
  • Google SEO & Analytics configuration
  • Monthly Automated Web Insights reports
  • Listing on TechStudio website


1st Year Once-off Payment — R 8,950.00

PLEASE NOTE: Pricing Calculated for new registrations only hosted by TechStudio.

Website Showcase

Check out some of the websites which we have done for very satisfied customers which now have a professional online footprint.

180 Degrees Witbank

Sunset Boats

Weltux Engineering

E Designs Witbank

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions with answers to each one. Contact us should you still require more information.

Only if your domain is ready to be transferred from your existing Hosting Provider, or if your domain is in a suspended state, or if your current Hosting Provider supplied you with an EPP code. If you move your domain from a non-affiliated TechStudio hosting provider, your current website and/or email accounts will be removed and need to be reconfigured on the TechStudio Hosting Provider servers. You will also need to provide us with proprietary information to confirm that you are indeed the owner of a specific domain before any transfer will commence.

At TechStudio, you will be billed annually to keep your domain available online. Pricing escalation might occur should our Hosting Provider experience any increase in domain fees.

For TechStudio to stay compliant with the POPI act of South Africa, you (our customer) will be the primary contact and owner of the domain. TechStudio only registers a domain on behalf of our customers and TechStudio will fulfill the administrative duties on behalf of our customers. You will be sent an application form which need to be completed with your (our customer) exact and correct details before any domain will be registered or transferred.

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. We would suggest you give us 30-days notice before submitting the request for any upgrade or downgrade on your hosting plans.

Unfortunately not. Only the website content and website databases will be backed up on a weekly basis. It is you (our customer’s) responsibility to ensure all emails are backup locally. TechStudio will not be held responsible for any lost / deleted emails. You can view our Maintenance section on our website for more information on backups of your data.

Yes. As there are no initial setup & design charges, you will basically repay the design & development of your website over a year to make it more budget-friendly for customers who can’t afford a once-off website. You will also enjoy the additional value added services when you are on a Premium Website & Hosting plan.

Yes you can. A discounted rate will be given to customers who prefer to make a once-off purchase for a website. You will unfortunately forfeit the monthly value added services (backups, design changes, reporting, etc.) when you purchase a website once-off. Additional billing will occur should you require to make use of these value-added services, or alternatively, a tailor-made solution can be discussed for you to still benefit from the value-added services.

No. At TechStudio, we charge a flat rate for the design of your website (either once-off or on a 12-month contract). As there are no limit to the amount of pages which can be designed & developed for your website, you are able to supply us with detailed information which can be displayed on your website. Unlike most website developers, we make use of only premium templates, and therefore our customers will receive a professional, premium-quality website on a flat rate – if you require only 1 page or 20 pages on your website.

Should you have the required skill and experience, you will be able to update your own website, but a penalty fee will be charged to restore / recover / redesign content which are removed or page layouts which have been damaged by the customer. We only supply the needed DIY guides to do blog posts on your website, and in some occasions we will supply the DIY guides to updates pricing tables / lists or content which change very often.

We design each and every website to be indexed by search engines. As the paid advertising market is quite intense, your website will be listed in time on search engines, and search results will depend on your visitor’s location and keywords used in the search. We do implement a basic SEO structure on each website, but top-level listings aren’t guaranteed. To guarantee top-level listings, additional marketing budgets will need to be allocated on the customer’s own expense.

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