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Public Notice - READ CAREFULLY

We currently have NO open Jobs / Vacancies / Internships / Positions!

YOUR EMAIL REQUEST FOR A VACANCY / PRACTICAL INTERNSHIPS / RESUME / CV WILL IMMEDIATELY BE DISCARDED! Please refrain from sending your CV/Resume to us while this notice is active on our website, as it will be discarded. Should you not adhere to this notice, your email will be blocked for future communication with TechStudio!

We are currently restructuring

We are currently restructuring our company a a whole, and therefore limited services and sales can be provided. We apologize for any inconvenience. We have notified our existing customers on the way moving forward. If you are still not sure, please leave a message below and we will respond with the relative information requested.

No practical year students accepted

As per above mentioned notices, we do not employ, nor provide any practical internships for students whatsoever. Unfortunately due to our company restructuring, we can’t provide any internships whatsoever. BEFORE YOU SUBMIT A REQUEST FOR AN INTERNSHIP POSITION, PLEASE READ THESE NOTICES AGAIN.

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