FHD & 4K IP CCTV Solutions

Quick Overview

If you want to use surveillance video for license plate reading, facial recognition, or evidence of a crime, you’ll want a camera with high definition, where analogue systems unfortunately can’t provide the detailed images required. The surveillance industry is moving away from Analogue CCTV and toward IP. IP cameras are the newest development in surveillance. This allows the system to grow and change with better scalability, less reliance on cables and power outlets which gives you more control over where cameras are placed and how they are managed. – videosurveillance.com

Seeing is believing

Check out the video below of some sample footage from 2MP and 4K Vivotek HD & 4K IP CCTV cameras. (For the best results, make sure the video settings are set to the highest quality.)

How HD IP CCTV can help you

Because HD & 4K IP CCTV cameras record larger format images with crystal-clear resolution, you may require fewer cameras to monitor an area than if you had used regular resolution, conventional analogue CCTV cameras. HD & 4K cameras will definitely be the best choice for your surveillance system if:

Facial recognition is important

HD & 4K cameras placed in a location to capture faces and clothing, such as behind checkout counters and in doorways can make it easier for identification

You need to record license plate numbers

With their larger image format, HD & 4K IP CCTV cameras can be used to monitor parking lots, your driveway or high-traffic roadways to provide important information for crashes or other incidents

You need to review video footage for evidence

High-crime or violent areas monitored with HD & 4K IP CCTV surveillance cameras can provide clear video evidence of criminal activities, and the high resolution makes it more likely that the people, cars, and actions involved in criminal activities in the video will be identifiable to authorities

Monitor your property - anytime

Remotely monitor your property from anywhere in the world from your smartphone or computer. Receive alerts when unusual movement are detected on your HD & 4K IP CCTV camera system when you are not at home or the office.

Analogue CCTV vs. HD IP CCTV

Below is a basic illustration of picture quality of a mid-level Analogue CCTV camera picture compared to the image quality of an HD IP CCTV camera.

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