A little more about TechStudio

TechStudio was founded in late 2004 on a summer break by Armandus Basson. It all started with a request for a small database to be created for a school’s personnel clocking system. Knowing that Armandus wanted to study in the line of ICT, he got a job at a local IT shop. He already knew then that he wanted to have his own business, and so TechStudio was born.

With Information Systems in mind, TechStudio started to create small databases for companies to better manage their workflow and just filling the gaps where legacy systems were used and no longer met the needs of clients. TechStudio’s customized databases fulfilled those needs. The additional need for hardware & software technical support also came to light when customers found out that Armandus was also an experienced ICT support technician.

Apart from the technical support side of the business, TechStudio acquired accounts at various ICT products distributors and sales of computer systems became a profitable line of the small business, providing quality products which met the clients’ needs and expectations.

With the development of more complex databases, the web development side of TechStudio was born. Starting out with small intranet and data collaboration sites, TechStudio pushed their boundaries and started developing professional premium quality websites for clients, advertising and promoting their businesses – thus expanding the list of services TechStudio provide even more.

Even more about us

Since TechStudio’s small beginnings in 2004 and focussing on “what the client wants”, TechStudio still operates by that promise. Providing services and solutions focussed primarily on simplicity, yet powerful solutions, TechStudio will always do their best to meet a client’s individual needs and stay up to date with the latest developments and trends. TechStudio’s approach to conducting business is unique in every aspect, thus breaking the barriers of how ICT solutions are usually stereotyped.

In 2016 TechStudio became a one-stop Business Solutions provider by expanding even more by supplying customers with stationery & office supplies as well. Currently, TechStudio is a company which is the go-to provider in their region for everything from Computer Equipment to Office Supplies, saving customers time and money to have all their business needs catered for at one place.

TechStudio’s vision is to help develop businesses into successful enterprises by bringing creativity and professionalism together by centralising the ICT & Office environment and make technology work FOR the business, not against it. We live in a technological era, and as we are passionate about the growth and development of Information Communication Technology in every sector. We strive to complete the puzzle for your business’ Information Systems, Technology and Office.

Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better. We are motivated by being creative and using technology to progress our creativity and professionalism, thus we strive for perfection in what we do.

TechStudio is an eMalahleni (Witbank) based company covering the Mpumalanga district.

Timeline of TechStudio

2004 - Where it all started

2004, December

First Microsoft Access Database completed by TechStudio for school personnel time-keeping.

2006, July

Technical ICT support provided commercially to customers. Reselling of ICT hardware and software began.

2007, June

Development of first Intranet Collaboration Platform written. Contract with major mining group.

2010, December

Became ITIL certified. Completed ITIL courses & examinations.

2012, September

Certified for Microsoft SharePoint Server. Completed courses and examinations for Microsoft SharePoint Server.

2014, February

Major milestone achieved in Web Development and made designs and hosting package commercially available.

2015, March

Became a Microsoft Network Partner and rolled out Office 365 Business solutions to customers

2015, May

Officially registered as a Private Company. Obtained premium ICT distribution reseller accounts.

2016, March

Moved into new offices with dedicated ICT workshop.

2016, May

Opened sub-division dedicated for Office Supplies & Stationery.

2016, November

Established business partnerships with Dell, HP and Intel.

2017, August

Established Silver business partnerships with Acer Synergy.

2017, September

Consumers & Business customers can now make use of our specialized services which include: HD IP CCTV solutions, IT Asset Disposal and 3D Printing solutions.

2017, October

Value-added Reseller Partnership with Skyworks Telecoms to negotiate high-speed wireless internet solutions to customers in eMalahleni (Witbank).

2017, November

Business Partnership with Vox Telecom to provide a huge variety of leading Telecoms solutions to customers in and around eMalahleni (Witbank).

2018, January

Business Partnership with Kaspersky Laboratories to provide security software & solutions so SOHO, SMME & Enterprise customers.

2018, September

Our Photography sub-division company (Basson Photography) went live for the public. All creative content & services executed at Basson Photography.

2018, November

Became part of the Eaton PowerAdvantage Partner Programme.

2019, April

Re-located to private offices to streamline direct deliveries to customers and be in a focussed environment for the development of all creative content.

Just some of our profile clients.

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