3D Printing Solutions from MakerBot & TechStudio

3D printing is now more affordable then ever to be used at home, school, design business or in industrial sectors. Get the latest MakerBot 3D printing solutions from TechStudio today.

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Standardized Features

for Easy and Accessible 3D Printing

Engineered and Tested

for Greater Reliability

Combines with Powerful

Workflow Tools to Streamline the 3D Printing Process

Flex Build Plate

With Grip Build Surface

On-Board Camera

to Remotely monitor your print progress

Ease of Use

Via the LCD Display and Dial

Ideas in the Making ™

MakerBot provides connected solutions that address the wider needs of professionals so the iterative design process is faster, easier, and better. Bring ideas to life more effectively with cost-effective solutions built for rapid iteration, real-time decision making, and proven returns.

Solutions Designed for How You Work

Quickly and effectively incorporate 3D printing into your workflow with native CAD support, cloud-connected printers, guided wireless setup, and improved file management.

Print Durable, High-Impact Prototypes and Fixtures

Created for engineers and designers, MakerBot Tough PLA Filament allows you to print durable, high-impact strength prototypes and fixtures. It’s as tough as ABS and as reliable as PLA.

Do you want to be an industry leader and pioneer with unique product designs? Get your MakerBot 3D printer solution from TechStudio today.