By making use of the latest network topologies & technologies from brands like Cisco, Netgear, HP, Billion and D-Link, we can optimize your network by maximizing up-time and performance. Do you want to get all your smart devices connected in your home and have your own multimedia centre, or maybe make all your computers within your business part of a domain to have a centralized file share and/or application servers? Let us help you getting connected to the outside world!


The latest trend in network connectivity will be to go wireless. Being more cost effective than cabled networks and increased mobility when moving around in your home or office, Wi-Fi can surely be a great home or small business networking option. By encrypting your wireless network, it will be secure to keep your data safe.


When using gigabit Ethernet equipment on your network, you will experience faster file sharing between computers, faster access to your network-dependent applications & services and stable performance when your network traffic is increasing. We can upgrade your current network environment to be lightning fast and reliable at the same time. By making use of the best networking equipment, your business will have guaranteed network up-time.


Without the need for expensive file servers, we can setup a secure, reliable and cost effective file sharing solution for your home or small business by making use of NAS (Network Attached Storage) products. Without purchasing individual printers and scanners for each workstation on your business, we can setup network-capable printers and scanners for your business to save on costs and increase production (and help saving the environment by using less paper and consumables).


Spending too much on telephone costs lately? Convert your business communication tools to Voice Over IP solutions. We will be supporting this cost-saving service soon.


You can now expand your home or small business network without costly infrastructure, additional switches and/or access points and labour. One of the latest technologies will enable you to expand your network by making use of your electrical wiring of your house or office. Simple to setup and great speeds can be achieved for wired or wireless networks.

Do you want to install a new network or upgrade your current network? Contact us today for a free assessment.