Corrective & Preventative Maintenance

Like you would maintain and take care of your car or home, your computer equipment also need to have maintenance done on them from time to time. You don’t want your car to break down and leave you stuck in traffic. You also don’t want a computer system failure while you are busy with business-critical documents.

Hardware Maintenance

The inside of your computer need to be clean and as dust free as possible to prolong the lifetime of the hardware. By using specialised computer cleaning equipment, we clean your computer’s inside and outside to prevent dust build-up which can cause damage from static discharge. With some of our maintenance plans, you don’t need to worry about minor hardware replacements of components that can wear out over time, as we will replace it under the maintenance plans covering hardware replacements.

Software Maintenance

Sometimes your computer may not perform like it should as you have more information stored on it, you have installed and removed software applications over time and software updates also seem to have left its mark on your PC performance. By using our expertise, we can restore your computer performance by doing regular clean-ups and maintenance on your computer software without having an influence on any of your current applications.

Network Maintenance

To keep your network up and running and minimizing downtime, maintenance for your networks will be provided. Network cables and connectors might become damaged over time or your internet modems / routers need firmware upgrades to keep them in working condition.

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